Digital Brunch

Why Digital Brunch?

Im a massive lover of brunch as well as the digital industry, so I thought why not combine the two things I'm most passionate about? 

So what exactly is 'Digital Brunch'? Good question and one I'm not even sure I know the answer to at this stage. It's evolving, but theoretically, we spend a whole week cramming our brains full of information, plans, etc. So on the weekend, why not treat your brain to something a bit more fun and delicious? Free flowing, non structured content that you can consume while you sit back and relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee! (or a Mimosa!) 

Marketers & Mimosas

My casual chats with marketers who are currently inspiring me as a marketer. From digital to traditional and even those who don't self identify as marketers, I chat to some of my favorite people. 

Brunch Dates

I host a regular brunch for like minded digital marketers to share their insights, info, challenges and the like. It's an opportunity for marketers to network and connect with others. Interested in joining us? Request an invite below!