Unapologetically me. I am an enthusiastic and passionate Marketing Director with 15+ years of experience in the B2B SaaS sector. Specializing in brand building and strategic marketing, helping to optimize commercial teams to help drive revenue growth. Thrilled with all things impacting the customer journey; brand experience, user experience and customer experience. Hyper curious about new tech, innovation and startups. 

I believe people propel organizational growth by providing them with purpose, passion and a strong sense of company culture.Aside from enjoying the thrill of growth marketing and growing start-ups, a strong passion is helping others develop their individual career paths to achieve goals they never thought possible. Over the years Ive thrived on watching my team members grow from some of the most junior members of the organization to some of the strongest and most recognized in our industry, accomplishing tremendous feats. Its amazing what can be achieved across a team when given the necessary tools, support and most importantly, ownership over their work.